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 Cath, Terry, Karen, Isla 
Charlie, Jessie, Ronnie, Nell

Glesga Pals in London Feb.2004 - met at the Bag o' nails pub which is nearby to Buckingham Palace.
Charlie and his wife Maureen organised this wee meet as he was down in London for his anniversary.
Nell wis therr wi her three lassies two of them Karen & Isla are in the photo ( the ither wan Pauline took it ! )      
Also there wis Cath Caley wae her proud and most defiant attitude that this wee period o' difficulty wulnae get her doon, and wae her wis her husband Terry who can best be described as a 'nice big fella'.
As it was nine o'cloak at night and Terry being a grown boey, and in need o' on going sustinance, we decided tae head fur the local Indian Resturant in Buckingham Palace Road, where the staff made us maist welcome.
In the resturant Jessie Helen and Ronnie waffled oan aboot every subject under the sun including whether steamie waashed claes wur cleaner than haun washed, or Hoovers were better than a brush and shovel tae get carpets clean, those o' us who cannie afford carpets made nae comment.
Aye ronnie wis the gentleman, and as a wee present , Cherlie Gave him a nice wee print of The closemooth tae the Herry Ham by the Bridgeton artist T McGibbon, dated 1935.          
Charlie insisted that as it wis him and Maureen's (an awfa nice wee wummin) anniversary, that he wid pey fur the hale drinks bill fur the night, Whit a nice big fella eh!
So there ye have it, we left the resturant slightly inebriated aw in aw though it wis a great night oot by the London contingent o' the Glesga Pals, Pity though that the good Webmaister couldnae hae jined us, however mibye next time ?


(London, 2003)

Hiya Wull
I concur with everything everyone
else has said, I love GlesgaPals
and I think I can imagine how much
time and effort you put into it, I for one, really appreciate what you do, I don't know what I'd do without GlesgaPals now. I am getting a new PC for Christmas and I'll be able to talk to people in the evening as well, great stuff, keep it up.
     Best Wishes, Helen


(London, 2003)

(London, 2003)











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