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A social history of the BB in Glasgow
 photos and memories preserved on GlescaPals for future generations.


 ----------------  Boys' Brigade - Glesca Companies  ------ GlescaPals


1st BB

 1st Glasgow Company photographs        


3rd BB

 3rd BB, Glasgow, Marching Band Champions video, 1987 


15th BB

 15th BB, Glasgow, Sir Harry Lauder 1920s  


18th BB

 18th BB, Glasgow, fitba team 1919-20


19th BB

 19th BB, Glasgow, Castlemilk   

26th BB
 26th BB, Glasgow
28th BB  28th BB, Glasgow, Calton 1
29th BB  29th BB, Glasgow,  1938 Empire Exhibition            1
32nd BB  32nd BB, Glasgow,  Anderston  see old photos and  1892 Flute band  and 1983 Brass Band 4
39th BB  39th BB, Glasgow,  Townhead, Barony Church 1
47th BB  47th BB, Glasgow,  Townhead, Barony Church 1
48th BB  48th BB, Glasgow,  membership cards from 1920-1929 8
61st BB  61st BB, Glasgow,  Calton,  Summer camp at Leven 1955 1
67th BB  67th BB, Glasgow,  Helenvale Street Church, Parkhead, Fitba team 3
70th BB  70th BB, Glasgow,  Whitevale Street, Dennistoun summer camp at Kirn, Dunoon 1955
76th BB  76th BB, Glasgow,  Drumchapel, Capt.Bob Howie 1
83rd BB  83rd BB, Glasgow,  Mount Florida
86th BB  86th BB, Glasgow,  1922-23 Drill Efficiency medal 2
91st BB  91st BB, Glasgow,  Gorbals Membership card 1914-1915 3
94th BB  94th BB, Glasgow,  1st Shettleston 1
96th BB  96th BB, Glasgow,  Dalmarnock Parish Church of Scotland, Dalmarnock  3
106th BB  106th BB, Glasgow, London Road St Clements church jcn of Brook Street, Bridgeton 2
137th BB  137th BB, Glasgow,  Mure Memorial Church, Garrowhill, Glasgow 2
149th BB  149th BB, Glasgow,  BB camp - off to the Isle of Man 1954
154th BB  154th BB, Glasgow,  Fairbairn Street & Bethany Hall Bernard Street, Bridgeton 5
155th BB  155th BB, Glasgow,  Methodist Church, Landressy Street, Bridgeton 3
161st BB  161st BB, Glasgow,  Hall Memorial Church, Dalmarnock Road  1
175th BB  175th BB, Glasgow,  Fairbairn Street, Bridgeton, (amalgamated became154th BB)  6
178th BB  178th BB Glasgow,  Bridgeton Baptist Church, Orr Street 2
179th BB  179th BB Glasgow,  St.Margaret's Church, Tollcross, Glasgow 8
185th BB  185th BB Glasgow,  Springburn Pipe band 1
187th BB  187th BB Glasgow,  formerly the 1st Rutherglen Boys Brigade.
195th BB  195th BB Glasgow,  formerly the 4th Rutherglen BB some great photos 16
199th BB  199th BB Glasgow,  Cambuslang Morriston Church 1
204th BB  204th BB Glasgow,  Rutherglen East Church - Silver Band & Lifeboys
207th BB  207th BB Glasgow,  Cambuslang St.Paul's Church 1
209th BB  209th BB Glasgow,  Bridgeton, Glasgow 5
214th BB  BB bugle band in Kelvingrove Park in 1950   1
217th BB  217th BB, Glasgow,  Flemington-Hallside church, Cambuslang   (now 217th Gilbertfield) 22
219th BB  219th BB, Glasgow,  Bridgeton  Lots of photos and memories... webmaister 39
228th BB  228th BB, Glasgow,  Newlands East Church & St.Francis-in-the-east Church, Bridgeton 4
229th BB  229th BB, Glasgow,  Cambuslang 1
239th BB  239th BB, Glasgow,  BB camp - off to the Isle of Man 1954 2
255th BB  255th BB, Glasgow,  Bridgeton, St.Francis-in-the-East Church
259th BB  259th BB, Glasgow,  photo from 1934
277th BB  277th BB, Glasgow,  Colston Milton 2
1st Rutherglen
 1st Rutherglen BB became the 187th Glasgow
4th Rutherglen
 4th Rutherglen BB became the 195th Glasgow
----------------  Boys Brigade - by area  -----------------
Anderston  History of the Boys Brigade in Anderston, Glasgow   by John N Cooper  2
Clydebank  Glasgow,  Clydebank BB on their bikes 1941         1
Springburn  Crowning of Temperance Queen and King in 1946/47, Springburn park 1
Ibrox  Buglers at Ibrox Park, Glasgow 1948 home of Rangers FC 1
Queens Park  Brass Band Glasgow BB at  Queens Park Review1955         1
Whitburn  Glasgow to Whitburn .... football league winners 1971/72,  1st Whitburn BB  1
Cathkin  Glasgow Battalion, Cathkin District NCOs Dinner 2006-07,  2008 8
----------------  Boys Brigade - various  -----------------
Bible  help for the Bible Class - The Bible online in One Page 0
BB Badges  Kings Badge , cap badges etc 4
BB Cards  Boys Brigade membership cards 7
BB Rifle  BB rifles used for drill pre World War 1. 4
 BB Glasgow  Highland Light Infantry                                                                        1914
BB Toys  Boys' Brigade TOY BAND  1
Jubilee 1933  Jubilee Celebrations 1933  see old video footage of this 50th year celebration.                  1933 2
Glasgow 1938  Glasgow Boys' Brigade Review at Ibrox Park in 1938                                                       1938
Glasgow 1939
 Glasgow Boys' Brigade Review at Queens Park in 1939, 20,000 boys on parade.            1939
 Central  Station  149th & 239th Glasgow Boys' Brigade at Glasgow Central Station going to camp            1954
BB Council  The Brigade Council at Glasgow, September 1954 programme                                      1954 1
BB Hampden  The Boy's Brigade at Hampden Park,  Glasgow, September 1954                                       || 1
BB Poem  Boys Uniform Poem issued in Glasgow 1954                                                                       || 1
BB Centenary  Boys Brigade, Bible Class Sunday 28th August 1983. Ibrox Stadium Glasgow               1983 3
BB Centenary  Boys Brigade, Arena '83 Kelvin Hall                                                                                     || 2
BB Centenary  Boys Brigade, First for Boys 1883-1983  by  Donald M. McFarlan                                          || 2
BB Stories  Boys' Brigade stories 0
BB Xmas card  Boys Brigade Christmas Cards 2
Queen's Men  Queens Badge parade Glasgow City Chambers, May 2005 3
Queen's men  Queen's Men Presentation of Certificates, Glasgow Battalion, 29 May 2008                       2008 12
125 years  The 125th Anniversary of the Boys' Brigade in Glasgow - 2008                                           || 7
Stedfast Assoc  Stedfast Association - Glasgow                                                        1
----------------  Lifeboys  -----------------  
Parkhead  Glasgow, Parkhead Lifeboys 1940 1
Clydebank  Glasgow, Clydebank Lifeboys transfer certificate 1951 1
209th BB  209th BB Glasgow,  Recruits application form from 1951 2
178th BB  178th BB Glasgow,  Bridgeton Baptist Church, Orr Street, 1952 1
Dennistoun  Glasgow,  Dennistoun Lifeboys & jersey badge 1955       2
---------------- Special Tributes -----------------
BB  HLI  Highland Light Infantry 16th Battalion - First World War, Glasgow Regiment. 7
Tribute  Glasgow BB Officer Bob Bryson 4
Tribute  Halfway, Cambuslang BB Officer Charlie Black 13
The Boys Brigade Official website Official BB websites
Glasgow  Boys Brigade Glasgow Battalion website
Glasgow BB
 Which Church a Glasgow Company was attached to is listed on the Glasgow
 Battalion website. It has a page where you can search company location history  it will tell you which Church a
 Company was attached to and when they moved / ceased.

BB Scotland  Boys Brigade Scotland website
BB UK  Boys Brigade UK website
BB Bands  Boys Brigade Scottish Bands
GET YOUR BB PHOTOS ON GlescaPals ....... details


  I can't praise this wonderful organisation enough. I was introduced to the Boys Brigade by my Mother's cousin
Ruby Mullen a Sunday School teacher at  Dalmarnock Congregational Church in Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton, Glasgow
 She took me along cc1959 to Sunday School & I joined the Shipmates of the 175th BB. I was very young & I loved it!
I progressed to the Lifeboys and  then the Company section, all at Dalmarnock Cong.
I attended my first BB camp in 1966 aged twelve

 The BB taught me plenty, kept away from the gangs and my time as a member both boy & officer were the happiest days of my life.  As an Officer my skills in music were put to good use and I formed a successful band in the 219th Glasgow  

BB Band History : In the 2nd February 1885 William Smith wrote to a local newspaper telling them they had organised a band which was making remarkable progress, this was a flute band consisting of 16 performers.
( First BB band was a Flute band)
The idea of BB bands caught on very quickly and the BB Annual Report for 1885/86 shows there were five flute bands in existence and only two years later the Annual Report for 1887/88 reported 35 bands - 25 flute, 2 bugle, 4 brass and 4 pipe bands.all this from only 220 companies then on the roll.

See the fabulous photo of the 32nd Glasgow BB drum & fife band taken in 1892

BB Founded 

4th Oct. 1883 in Glasgow, ScotlandScottish Flag
by William Alexander Smith.
Sir William Alexander Smith


Sure & Stedfast   Hebrew 6 v.19 

The Anchor

Her Majesty the Queen


Of the Boys Brigade is the advancement of Christ's kingdom among boys and the promotion of habits, obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.


The Boys Brigade divides into Districts, which divide into Battalions and Battalions divide into companies.  The basic unit of the BB is the company which is part of the local church. Each company has a name such as 219th Glasgow, 1st Belfast etc

Short History

Scottish Flag

In October 1883 William Alexander Smith, an officer in the 1st  Lanark Rifle Volunteers and a teacher in the North Woodside Mission Sunday School founded the 1st Glasgow Company of The Boys' Brigade. He brought to this new and novel experiment the things he knew from the Volunteers; Military Drill, rifle exercises ( but only with dummy rifles-shooting has never been a Brigade activity), club room, football, cricket, sport, camp and the band, so giving the boys the opportunity of doing things that were out of reach of most working class families.
The Brigade grew to a world wide organisation and the man was knighted in 1909, Sir William Alexander Smith. He started with 30 boys in Glasgow and before his passing in the10th May 1914 that number had grown to 60,000! The first overseas company was in St.Louis, USA in 1887 now there are companies in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Denmark to name but a few. The pioneering work of Sir William encouraged other like minded people and one after another great youth organisations took shape : Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Girls Brigade etc

Post Office Directory 1911

   Safe in the arms of Jesus








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