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Face, name, where you stay and the approx year the photograph was taken

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 (photo Oct.2006)
Joined GlesgaPals Jun.2004
( Californis USA )
Thanks for the Memories ...  
..all the best and thanks for
all you do webmaister..  Josie x


(Cleveland, UK, 2005)

(Irvine 2005)



(Scotland, 2004)

I became aware of 'Glesga Pals' in February 2003 through fellow member Bob Currie.....Since then I have been an 'addict' rarely have I missed a day on the site and I have made contact with some of my school classmates from over forty years ago through this website. As well as reminiscing, the site offers a good variety of things to talk about, and everything from 'worldly matters' to more light hearted thing like 'jokes'. I have recommended the Glesga Pals website to friends and I plan, when the second edition of my book is published, to highlight this website in the acknowledgements. It has been a two way thing really. I feel that I have contributed a lot to the site and that has been acknowledged, but the site has also contributed to my book being highlighted and has been instrumental in some of the orders and bouquets that I have received.

.  .


(Ontario, 2005)


Bud   (USA, 2003)
.... as promised my mug shot..
I must tell ye that GlesgaPals
is one of the best things that
has happened to me in years.

Being an exile it brings back many
happy memories by getting to know and correspond with the many wonderful Pals
on the website ....thanks a million Wull!



               Greta     MaggieM   
(Ontario, 2006)
       (Ontario, 2006)

Two GlesgaPals
met up for a coffee
 in early 2006.

Turned out they lived
about 15 miles apart
in Canada !!




Face, name, where you stay and the approx year the photograph was taken

. ...

  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, 
finding long lost pals and making new pals.....aye GlesgaPals.






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