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Face, name, where you stay and the approx year the photograph was taken

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GlescaPal Susie  
a Castlemilk lass
joined Mar.2005

  Just Reminiscing (by Susie)

1.  Playin’ roon the back court
Dreepin’ fae the dyke
Takin’ runnies across the midgie bins
Fences, railins ‘n the like
Being so careful wherr ye land
Cos if ye end up in the midden
Ye’d be aw covered in sooty ash
An yer maw wid kill ye - nae kiddin!

2.  Getting’ intae mischief
Wis somethin’ we coodnae help either
An eftur a kick up the backside fae the polis
Ye’d get a hidin’ back hame fae yer faither
Staunin’ up fur yersel
Wis something ye learnt quick
If ye cannae beat the bullies wi yer fists
Then beat thum wi a stick

3.  But if victory eludes ye
An a doin’ ye shood cop
Dinnae run greetin’ tae yer maw
Cos she’ll chase ye wi’ the mop
Ah’ll gie ye summit tae greet fur
Is the war cry thit ye’ll hear
As she sends ye straight back out again
Eftur a skelp aroon the ear

( NW Australia )
photo taken at GlesgaPals Swally, Sept.07

4.  Money hard tae come by
Yer maw wis alweys skint
Furget yer gourmet sandwiches
We’d make dae wi a piece ‘n pink lint
When we heard the sound o’ the bugle
Great excitement within us would start
Whit goodies cood we expect today

5.   Fae the ragman’s horse ‘n cart
Trading rags fur riches - oh whit a treat
So we ran aw the wey hame
Fae the ither end o’ the street
Kin a pleeze hiv some rags maw
Fur a ring, balloons ur laces
Well ye shood huv seen the big smiles
Light up oor cheeky wee faces

6.  We stood at the windae oan a Setturday moarnin
Fur the coalman’s truck we would wait
While yer maw wis doon oan her knees
Cleanin’ oot the grate
We’d whistle ‘n shout tae catch his attenshun
As he drove alang the street
Ah’ll huv a bag o’ rex Jimmy
‘n if it’s awe richt maw’ll pey ye nixt week

7.  The grate wis cleaned oot ‘n bricks replaced
Filled wi coal ‘n scrunched up paper
Getting’ the fire stoked up quickly
Really wis such a caper
Hurry up maw, ah’m freezin here
Therr’s a draught comin in the door
Tae get the fire really roarin
Gaunnae pit oan the blower

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GlescaPal pwm437
joined July 2007

 GlescaPal pwm347, Peter Mortimer, was born 1956 in the Gorbals. He moved to Camlachie when he was nine. Attending Riverside Secondary School in Springfield Rd.
His first job was in Thomas Graham's the plumber's merchants in Kerr St.  He now lives in Garrowhill and has two grown up kids, one grandson, and a real passion for the history of Glasgow.
photo taken at GlescaPals Swally, Sept.07




Thailand Nov.2007

  GlescaPal Geordie  joined Dec.2005
George Barrie born 19th September 1955 Lived 69 High Street Rutherglen above Mr Logans dairy 1 Sister Kathleen, Mother Margaret (Meta) Nee Kyle, Father George Barrie 1 o 13 weans from Queenzieburn (He came to see the electric lights and never went hame)

Went to the Burgh School from 60 to 67 then failed the qualy and went to Gallowflat When the Gally joined with Rutherglen Acadamy and went comprehensive it was decided that me and a few other scruffs could be educated no more. So just before I was 15 I was offskie.

Worked everywhere and anywhere for 1 1/2 years until I broke my mothers heart and joined the Royal navy in 1972. Traveled the world for about 7 years then settled in Middlesbrough married Julie and had 4 great Kids 2 Boys in The Navy just like their Dad and 2 beautiful Girls both Independent and working hard.

Like many others Julie and I have Split although we still talk. I have worked for the last 15 years in the offshore oil industry Starting in the Cold north sea, now in the lovely warm Andaman Sea Thats near Thailand and Burma for all of youse what failed the Qualie. I live in Thailand most of the time. Still visit My Mother in East Main Street Ruglen as much as I can which is about every 8 -12 weeks.
Lasting Memorys The wooden Railway station The Billy and the sody waste. Playing Fitba for fernhill athletic and being captain of Clyde Boys Club Joe Atchisons boxing gym on Dalmarnock Road and Hamburgers and cokes in the cross cafe, Life Boys and BB at the east parish church and MR Bowland who taught me things I still use today.Thats me in a nut sheel out of Ruglen nearly twice as long as I as in it but like the man said You can take the boy Out of Glesga But you canny take Glesga Out of the boy

Geordie married Linda in Thailand, August 2008



GlescaPal Tp
( topazpudsey)  joined Sept.2006

Carol McLean (nee Wojtas) not many of them in Parkhead !
Born - Single end in Janefield Street, :-* Parkhead
School - Newlands primary, Riverside secondary
Dance halls- Palais, Barrowland,Locarno, Majestic, Baillieston cafe club
Status - Married, 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren
Living in Cumbernauld
Sister in Toronto, Canada

This is a great website I am hoping to contact some old friends from Parkhead.
My mother's family came from Bridgeton her maiden name was Derry does anyone out there remember the Derry family - Rab, Henny, Tommy, John. Also lots of cousins, Ellen Derry, Rosemary Derry, Roberts Derry William Derry, Tommy Derry

Sept. 2007 in Glasgow





GlescaPals Ian & Dorothy McGrouther        joined Jan & Feb 2006    

Ian McG                      Dorothy
London Feb.2008





Face, name, where you stay and the approx year the photograph was taken

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  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, 
finding long lost pals and making new pals.....aye GlesgaPals.






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