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Face, name, where you stay and the approx year the photograph was taken

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Dorothy & Ian
( Bucks, England, 2006)
"... we love your website, so many friendly and helpful people and its great to chat about times past"



GlescaPal rabaitch
(Glasgow 2007)
"...great night at the Jan.07 swally
looking forward to the next one"

"........just want to thank you for a
wonderful website, I just love it and
don't know what I would do without it...."

bettyb & friend?
(Ontario, Canada, 2006)


Joanie frae Parkhead moved to Australia in the 1960s. I took this photo of her at the GlesgaPals Swally in Morrison's Lounge January 2007.

Her daughter weeJoan, who was also at the swally, told me in her best Aussie accent " Mum just loves GlesgaPals it has been a God send for her, thank you so much"

Joanie brought with her koala bears keyrings which she handed out to everybody and she gave me a lovely Koala bear for my granddaughter Lucy .... a lovely wummin.

GlescaPal Joanie
(Australia,  Jan.2007)





weeJoan made it over for oor Sept.08 swally along with her husband Nudge.

A lovely couple and weeJoan is life and soul of the party, ever smiling and taking photos and still handing out those koala bear keyrings!!

She passed on her Mum's, best wishes tae all the GlescaPals. This photo of her was taken at the GlescaPals hoose party.

This is a photo of weeJoan's beautiful hoose in Australia.


GlescaPal  weeJoan
(Australia,   Sept.2008)




GlescaPal goldenbear
(Stewarton, Scotland. 2007)
"Webmaister ....I would like say thank you very much for starting Glesga Pals excellent, 1st class,to find how far your website has spread, when you are able to contact friends, relations and even school pals World Wide.
All I can say is keep up the good work,and I am sure I speak for everyone on GlesgaPals.....Larry Pollok"



GlescaPal davykay
(Stewarton, Scotland. 2006)
"...I am really enjoying this fabulous wee site, it must be a fantastic way for all the ex pats to keep in touch with what is happening in Glesga, not to mention all the pals in the UK.
You have obviously put a tremendous amount of work into setting it up.....Davy Kilpatrick"


Dazzle  (author)
( England 2006)
Joined GlescaPals Nov.06

"A GlescaPal from Australia sent details of the GlesgaPals website to me and told me that you would be interested in my new novel. Webmaister did a brilliant webpage for me and I know lots of members have purchased my book.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you. I am in the process of writing a sequel but I keep getting distracted and wandering into GlesgaPals to add to a topic or blether in the wonderful new 'exclusively members only' chatroom.

I love GlescaPals because it's just what it says it is. I've made new pals from all around the world and they're a great crowd of friendly folk, well what would you expect?
They're all Glaswegians!
Thanks Webmaister your hard work and efforts are well appreciated." 


Webbie, you and Norrie visiting a sick GlescaPal is one of the things that makes GP's so special, we have an admin team that take an interest and show genuine concern for the pals. 
A GlescaPal is never lonely ;D Joining GlescaPals was the best day's work I ever did.
Jim & I don't have many relations left now in Glasgow so
it gives us a great reason to come back home every September to meet up with and spend a terrific evening with our adopted family of pals.
I have made some wonderful friends since I became a GP (and some I have never even met!) ;D 
Jim is not interested in computers but loves being an 'honorary' GlescaPal and looks forward to the hooseparties & get togethers.
Thank you so much to you and your team for bringing us all together and making the world a smaller place. We are eternally grateful and proud to be GlescaPals ;D    
Dazzle (Avril Saunders)



Face, name, where you stay and the approx year the photograph was taken

. ...

  People, from every corner of the globe, talking to each other, 
finding long lost pals and making new pals.....aye GlesgaPals.






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