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1st Whitburn Boys Brigade   


Glesca tae Whitburn !!! 7 of the 12 boys came from Glesca

1st Whitburn Boys Brigade   
Football, League Winners c1971/72




1  Willie

2  Colin

3  Derek

4  John

5 Kenny



1  James     

2  Ian

3  Brian

4   Ian

5  Philip

6 Jim



Oct.2006 photo sent by John Wilson (Arcadiastreetboy), Whitburn, Scotland.
Hello all, I was part of the Glesca community that moved out to West Lothian in our covered wagons to open up the east and educate and cultivate the natives (only joking, of course!) when my old man got a job in the BMC at Bathgate. Originally from Brigton, but only lived there till I was five ( 2 weeks at St James School). Da from Broad Street, Brigton and Ma from Troon Street, Dalmarnock.
Webmaister, please find attached BB photo as promised, Wullie Evans is extreme left back row, I am three along to his left. All the best, JW
Webmaister : fabulous photo and made all the more special with my wee cousin Willie Evans in the photo.


Oct.2006 Webmaister
I was interested tae read this introduction from new GlescaPal Arcadiastreetboy.
You see I lost nearly all my mammy's family tae West Lothian ;D
The 'Glasgow overspill' promises of work & a get out from Glasgow's east-end slum housing.
It started aff wi mah mammy's brother my Uncle Sonny ( Willie Evans)
He took his family tae live in Whitburn in the 1960s ( Auntie May, son Willie and daughter Lorraine) as he got a job in the BMC in Bathgate... a massive employer in they days.
Brigton Tenement living through tae Whitburn, first hoose wis a maisonette but a 'back & front' door hoose wis guaranteed ;D  Glesga folk went through in their hundreds.

I eventually had 2 uncles, 2 aunties, 7 cousins, my granny & granda all living in Whitburn!
My ma & Da nearly went but my sister and I pleaded with them tae stay in Brigton!
Luckily they did or GlescaPals might never have happened ;) ;)

My Auntie May Evans ( nee Dunlop ) came from a BIG Brigton family.... and eventually many of the Dunlops were living in Whitburn tae. ;D

Sadly as I get older and write this in Oct. 2006 the numbers have decreased.
Granny & Granda, Uncle Sonny & Auntie May. cousin Lorraine .. all now sadly dead.

My family had great times visiting them all ...... it was a day oot for the family.
We would all staun in London Road waiting for the big green double decker bus that went tae Whitburn via Bellshill, Holytown, Harthill etc.
Have wurr visit / party then if we wurnae staying overnight it wis back tae the bus stoap tae wait furr the bus hame tae Glesga!!.

October 2006 Willie Evans, Livingston, Scotland..  ( see his website )
1. Willie Evans  2. Colin McRory  3. Derek McCabe(?)  4. John Wilson  5. Davie Gardner  6. John Montgomery
1. Unknown  2. Ian McNicol  3. Brian McGhee  4. Can't remember  5 Philip Cameron  6. Jim McKnight
1, 2, 4 at the back and 2, 3, 5, 6 at the front all came from Glasgow!
Jan.2008 GlescaPal Arcadiastreetboy, updated team members names



Anyone have any information about this photo?



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