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they are stars in the sky .

.. we will remember them


Cath (Caley)


wee jeanie
Jim Blackburn
John McBarron


Remember me - by the laughter, not the tears, 
  remember me - for the joy and fun we shared,   through  all the happy years
  Please think of me, if you will, with a smile, when we all shared jokes
  and laughed, at things we did a wee bit daft
  If you smile - and if you laugh, sing songs, share fun and joy,
  then I will join you in the toast
  And think if you want to think of me.
  lift up your glass so I can share, enjoy yourselves.....and I'll be there


 joined GlescaPals Sept 2004, Kings Park, Glasgow
V   Valar joined GlescaPals on 19 Sept 2004 and was a prolific poster averaging nearly 170 posts a day, her total posts to March 2009 was 37,000 posts.... aye she loved GlescaPals.
In her 4˝ years she made new friends from all over the world and was respected for her fabulous posts of photos of auld Glesca streets.

GlescaPals website is something special and when we have our get-togethers at the Peoples Palace and at oor annual 'hoose parties' it is as if we have known each other all oor lives. Valar came along to the Peoples Palace to meet overseas GlescaPals and she was a lovely wummin. Sadly after a long fight with cancer oor lovely GlescaPal Valar died on 15th June 2009.
Funeral Arrangments:
Thurs 18th June 18:30 at Christ The King Church, Carmunnock Road, Kings Park - a short service to receive the body.
Mass on Friday 10am at Christ The King Church, then the Linn Crematorium at 11.15am.

Thereafter to Orchard Park Hotel, Kilmarnock Rd, Giffnock

There has been an outpouring of tributes from the GlescaPals since Valar's death was announced,
 here are a selection of them :-

Dear GPals,
It is with a heavy heart I am having to tell you that our dear pal Valar died this morning at approx 3.30am.
Her son David phoned me with the sad news.
Valar was a lovely lovely person, inside and out, and I know she will be sadly missed on the board.
As soon as I know when the funeral is I will post it on the board.
I know all our thoughts are with the family.  RIP Valar     Norrie and Claire
Thank you Norrie & Claire for all you have done on behalf of everyone on GlescaPals.
For sure oor Valar knew she had many many good and true Pals oan here.
I'll always remember her for being so 'into' GlescaPals that she fought to overcome her fear of outdoors to come along to a Peoples Palace get-together, so she could meet her GlescaPals.
A lovely lady who will be sadly missed by us all.  A pleasure getting to know you Valar, God bless you.
I'm so sorry to hear this, Webbie. Regrettably, our paths didn't cross much on the Board, but the outpouring of love & affection, so typical of GlesgaPals, says so much about her. She is in that better place, and at peace with her God, I'm sure; she certainly earned it, by everything that everyone says about her. RIP, Valar
Words can not express how i am feeling at the loss of a very dear and wonderful friend as Valar, she fought her illness with such courage and was indeed a credit to all in the way she was always asking how everyone else was doing, but then , that was Valar, the wonderful person that she was.
My heartfelt condolences to Valars family and my thoughts are with them all.
It was a great pleasure to have know Valar and she will be very much missed.
May you rest in peace now Val...........Maryjane & Huddy xxxxx
Such very sad news Norrie & Webbie.
Valar wiz an inspirational Pal, and although we never had a great deal of intercommunication, I always read her posts and viewed all the images she posted on Glesca Pals.
I know that Norrie & Claire have spent many hours visiting her and conveying the wishes of so many Pals, and such dedication is also worthy of a mention. Thank you Norrie & Claire for keeping us so well informed and for being there on behalf of all the other Pals.
To Valar's family, Colleen & I extend our warmest condolences in respect of a well-loved Glesca Pal, who will be remembered here for many years to come.      R.I.P. Valar     xxx     Scotty & Colleen
I was so shocked to read this awful news. I only met Valar once but she came across as a truly kind and caring person. Her posts on the board will be sadly missed. She was a TRUE Glesgapal.
Thank you to Norrie and Claire for passing on all our good wishes to Valar and for visiting her as often as you did. RIP dear Valar, your suffering is over now.   Condolences to Valar's family.
I have such a sad heart this morning hearing of Val,s passing , we were brought up a couple of closes from each other in the old Garngad i had such a nice time catching up with her again on pals, my condolences to David and Arthur ,you had such a lovely Mother she will be missed here on pals ,i will light a candle this morning at Church .... God Bless .. R.I.P. my dear friend .....
There are no words to express my feeling at the loss of my dear pal Val.
We started our friendship not long after I joined Glesca Pals and communicated via email at least twice a week, sometimes more, and with telephone calls. Although she faced several challenges as far as her health went she was always there for me when I needed comfort or words of advice.
Thanks to Mags and Ella for letting me know about Val's passing and also to Norrie for being such a good Pal to all of us. My condolences to her sons, Arthur and his wife Jennifer and their children Adam and Freya, and David and Elaine.
Rest in Peace dear friend.   Mam
I am still in shock as I find it so hard to take in that our dear friend Valar has gone, its just so sad and I think everyone has said it all as she was one wonderful woman who will always leave a stamp on my heart.
Valar it was privilege to have known you and I will always remember last week when Maryjane and I left you with a big smile on your face.
My condolences to Arthur and David your dear Mum is now free of her suffering.
God Bless you Valar may you rest in Peace.  Mags
New York
It is with a heavy heart that I post on here today. I am saddened at the passing of our pal, and my dear friend Valar.
We built a close friendship a number of years ago, and kept in constant touch by telephone and by e-mail. She taught me how to post pictures on the board, and gave me lots of little tips. She was a great teacher and I will miss her terribly.

To Arthur and Jennifer, David and Elaine, and also grandchildren Adam and Freya, I offer my sincere condolences to all of you. Your Mother, and Grandmother, was a lovely woman, and I am honoured to say that she was my friend.
Sleep in Peace my dear friend.    Ella..x :'(

I was saddened to hear of the death of Valar, I never had the pleasure of meeting with her but heard so much about her from others. My deepest sympathy goes to her family,

A truly wonderful woman is now at rest
Taking her place with all the best
A new star is shining in the heavens above
And smiling down on those she loved
Her battle now over she is now at rest
Valar as a glescapal you were one of the best
Sadly you,ll be missed by all on this site
But as a star in heaven you will always shine bright.


So sad to hear that our dear pal and friend Valar has passed away.
Our condolences to David,Elaine.Arthur and family,and Vals Grandchildren.
Val will be so saddly missed.She invited Jim and myself into her heart and home,when we were in Glasgow 2 years ago.A kinder lady would be hard to find.I am just glad her suffering is over.
Thankyou Mam for ringing me from Canada to let me know our dear pal had lost her courageous battle,and thanks to all the pals who visited val,and kept us up to date on how Val was doing.   RIP dear Val..     Margaret and Jim.
I am so shocked to hear about Valor who we will all miss due to her great posts and pictures of Glasgow. Due to being unable to get on to this thread I didn't realise how ill Valor really was. It has taken me all day to get my head around it. She always looked so well when she was with the pals that it really took the feet from me. If it hadn't been for me seeing Jeannie posting about Chrissie I wouldn't have known.
She was a delightful correspondent and loving Mother who was over the moon when all went well for David.
I feel so bad for her family who she loved so much and trust in God to help them through this terrible loss. A lovely woman and a true Glesga Pal who will be very sadly missed. My condolences to the family and the Pals who were fortunate enough to meet her.
Thank you Norrie and Claire, Mags and Maryjane and everyone who took time to stand by this wonderful lady during her final days.


Can't stop thinking of Valar, so I wrote this wee poem………

Valarie Rose

Sitting here thinking
Tears, fought back by blinking
About a GlescaPal
The unique and lovely Val

I’ve known her now for several years
And am writing this through a veil of tears
I’ll remember the storks, the streets, her smile
And her goodness of spirit for a while

So cheerio our good friend Val
We’re gonna miss you one and all
We’ll raise our glasses at the September do
And stop a while and think of you.

I was very saddened to read of the passing of Valar. I knew her only from the  posts she made and shared on Glesca Pals.  A medium that she obviously loved to read and to communicate her personal interests and pictures with her many Pals around the world.
She will be remembered as a very special lady who was appreciated by so many Pals, and especially as a long time major contributor to Glesca Pals. May her family be comforted in knowing that God’s love goes beyond the grave. Because Christ has risen, God gives us hope in the resurrection. And as believers we are told to sorrow not as others who have no hope. We shall meet again. May God grant that comfort to Valar's family.
 Our condolences to her sons, Arthur & David and their familes 



 Jamesy (James McKenna) joined GlescaPals August 2003
V   Jamesy was a founder member of the new GlescaPals messageboard joining on 5 August 2003 and he spent everyday he could posting on the messageboard, at his death he had amassed nearly 30,000 posts !

He attended many of the GlescaPals get-the-githers.
Jamesy wi his very own dress code looking snazzy wi his shades oan ;) at the Peoples Palace 13-Apr-2009.
(GlescaPals Peter, Jamesy, Eddie, Claire, & Maryjane).

He was a real character very strong on his beliefs and loved a good debate wi' the ither GlescaPals. A avid reader and a lover of all sporting topics he enjoyed starting wee quizzes and polls!
A typical bachelor, a bit off the wall, a non-conformist dresser
rbut ye always got him the same way. We kin all take comfort that we wurr his 'pals' and he loved his GlescaPals.

He last logged onto GlescaPals on the 13th Nov and sadly after an illness with cancer he died on 18 Nov 09

.Jamesy was the author of the Glasgow book
'Last Exit from Bridgeton'

Funeral Arrangments:
Wed 25th Nov.2009;  11.00am at Linn Crematorium.

There has been an outpouring of tributes from the GlescaPals since Jamesy's death was announced, which can be read on the messageboard. A small sample of which are listed below......


sorry to hear of the sad passing of jamesy. His posts were always a delight to read (even if we didn't always agree with him !!) and he never shirked from offering his opinion, on anything. I know he recently hoped to do some work on Riverside Secondary School, so let's hope that is picked up and completed by others.
He left us as a legacy his book 'Last Exit to Brigton', along with the thousands of posts here and elsewhere.  God bless.


Rest in peace Jamesy
I too was very sad to hear that James had passed away ,i remember meeting him in Morrisons he had me laughing my head off with his trousers with the tag still on them and shirt with the cardboard in them ,what a laugh that night .Jamesy will be missed by many people,and I'm sure his family will be touched with the special tributes paid to him..


Shocked and stunned
RIP Jamesy     Gone but his words will live on in GlescaPals all over the world.  Not a bad legacy to leave behind


I am so sad and in tears reading the webbie's posting. Jamesy was a character on Glesca Pals, we were going to set up a stall at the Glasgow Commonwealth games in 2014 to sell our books, I just don't know what else to say, I'm stumbling for words. R.I.P. Jamesy Pal XXX


I am really saddened at Jamesy's passing - he was such a character, a loveable one at that.
Webmaister, Jamesy would be delighted at your post and photograph - as you said he had strong views but never ever crossed the line or upset anyone.
He will be sadly missed - he made a lot of friends on the board and I know everyone will be shocked to hear of his sad passing. No one will every forget our Jamesy
R.I.P. my friend.   Norrie and Claire xx



"How can you grieve so for someone you barely knew, yet knew so well?" I ask myself. I haven't shed a tear, but I have this great big lump inside me, ye ken what ah mean? Jamesy & I were at opposite ends of the political spectrum, and exchanged views on many an occasion. He never went in the huff, he was always true to himself and never impolite. I remember him with affection - the time when he & Nell were racing to see who would get the first 5000 posts: the time he was sitting chatting to me at the swally and my dear Pal, Lizzy, got up to her daft antics and started dancing alluringly around him, and Norrie took that photo, and the laughs we had; the conversations we had about Dalmarnock and my contribution to his second book; the first time I met him at the very first swally and he started to discard layers of clothing :oOh, I could go on & on - and yet, did I know him? I wonder. But still, I grieve.


What a shock! He never said a word about being gravely ill just a few asides that he didn't feel too well at times and others suggested he lay off the "chardy." It's sad enough when someone dies, especially when they are younger than I am but to leave no immediate family is truly sorrowful. He was probably in the best place when the end came and had been taken care of. Poor Jamesy, he must have been in great pain from bowel cancer and refusing treatment. I never met him but did feel something of his presence from what he wrote and I'm sure he will be enjoying another cruise in another life. RIP


Aah've been hame jist aboot hauf an hoor, returning frae Southend on Sea, where aah wiz at ma Pal Des's funeral, and as soon as aah'd checked ma emails, aah logged oantae Glesca Pals tae see whit aw oor Pals huv been up tae whilst aah wiz away................
Yuse cannae imagine the shock (well, maybe yuse kin), when the first thing aah saw wiz a header that read "GlescaPal Jamesy r.i.p"
Ma wee hairt stoaped beatin fer a few seconds as aah took it in.
Aah thoat at first it wiz his dreaded laptoap thit hid died, urr his throw-away camera. No fer wan second could aah believe it wiz actually Jamesy until aah started reading the threid.
Jamesy, as mony folk huv said afore me, wiz a man of few words, famous fer his one-liner posts (aah even made a wee gag aboot it last week when folk wurr enquiring efter him, that he wiz away composing his next one-liner)
Jamesy Pal, and ye truly wurr a Pal, aah'm gonnie miss those wee posts. We didnae always agree,(life wid be boring if we did) but aah always hud respect fer yer resilience in no taking offence at whit folk wid say in therr responses, but, in typical Jamesy fashion, ye wid state clearly thit ye wurr immovable oan yer viewpoints, and that wiz a fantastic quality.
Despite whit folk said, ye always stuck tae yer guns rigidly.
Jamesy, it wiz a pleasure meeting ye in Glesca last year, and aah'm certain that ye'll remain in the GlescaPals Roll Of Honour fer years tae come.
Noo it's time tae make that Last Exit Frae Bridgeton and enjoy a gless o chardy wi a few angels Pal.
God Bless You Jamesy, and may ye Rest In Peace.


Gosh Scotty, that was really lovely what you said. I am sitting here reading all that has been said of Jamesy and the tears are blinding me, ah don't think that Jamesy knew how much he would be missed. God bless him :)


It was with great sadness and utter shock I received the news of Jameseys' passing last night from WilmaB. Jamesey was an old class mate and genuine friend. We both joined Pals in 2003 and I contacted him about Last Exit as it had given me such joy. We exchanged many e mails since then, reminiscing about our youth and beyond. Jamesey was so enthusiastic about those days and was a true gentleman, never having a bad word to say about anybody. If anything remotely upset him he would laugh it off with one of his one liners. I still have all his e mails from then and have been reading some today with the tears running down my face. Sadly we hadn't been in touch for a few months and I will always regret that. Jamesey loved Pals and would be chuffed to bits at all the wonderful tributes and I know tomorrow he wont ' Walk Alone '. God love you Jamesey


I am sitting here at work in shock, tears streaming down my face. I cant believe it, I have known Jamesy (it was me who named him Jamesy Boy) since 2003 when I first joined GlescaPals. I cant write now I am too upset will post something more appropriate later.
RIP Jamesy ma GlescaPal

I am still reeling from the news, I was very friendly with Jamesy, his birthday was the day before mine and we always exchanged cards. I am going to miss him soooo much.

Farewell to Jamesy, With your viewpoints so strong
You stuck to your guns  Even when you were wrong :)

Farewell to Jamesy You've left a big void
Your hatred of Lenin  Used to get me annoyed :-/

Farewell to Jamesy  Ah remember the day
You said "Jamesy chinge his views  Not never, no way" ;)

Farewell to Jamesy  Tell me ahm wrang
Bit we aw used tae laugh  at your funny rhyming slang ;D

Farewell to Jamesy  Loved Dalmarnock with pride
Bit wiz peeved when he flitted  Tae new East Kilbride >:(

Farewell to Jamesy  The Pals will all treasure
Your wee wan line posts  We all read with pleasure :)

Farewell to Jamesy  A pal good and true
and in GlescaPal's hearts  There's a wee place for you :-*

Farewell to Jamesy  It's hard not to weep
For someone who left us  good memories to keep :D:

Farewell to Jamesy  Mah good GlescaPal
You urr gonny be missed  by one and by all :'(


Jamesy's funeral:
The rain wis lashing doon as the hearse drew up tae Linn Crematorium, waiting furr Jamesy wis
The minister, 6 family members, 13 GlescaPals and half a dozen others.
The services wis lovely and well presented by the minister who admitted he never knew Jamesy but had learned about him over the past few days and he said he was a decent man.

We sang How Great Thou Art as the opening hymn and with a small gathering everyone gave their best. The eulogy was very nice indeed and huddy commented to me afterwards that he was thinking he'd like that minister to do his service. GlescaPals was mentioned and he read from the website the paragraphs I have on Jamesy's 
webpage which I was pleased with.
The closing hymn was Psalm 23 The Lord's my Shepherd.
Goodness and Mercy all my life
Shall surely follow me
and in God's house forever more
My dwelling place shall be.

As we left the Crematorium the organist played 'I belang to Glasgow'
Aye Jamesy got a lovely send off.

You know I was thinking during the service how wonderful GlescaPals is. I am very proud of it. I know I started it, look after and nurture it but its the GlescaPals that make it what it is. Jamesy found and made more Pals oan here than he probably made in his whole lifetime. We can all be proud o' that.

In attendance representing the GlescaPals family and seeing oor pal off was - Norrie, Claire, Mags, Annie, Huddy, Maryjane, ASB, Liz, Katslater, Jeep, Charlie, myself and JohnMcla's brother

Aye we'll never see his like again.
 Our condolences to Jamesy's family  



  GlescaPal IanS from Oldham was born 21 Apr 1951,  died 27 Sept.2010

 Ian Smith  joined GlescaPals in 9 Jan 2004 here is his introductory message : -  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I lived at 587 Dalmarnock Road and I went to Springfield Road Junior School up until 1961 then I went to Riverside Senior Secondary.
I moved down to Oldham in 1965 when my dad died.
My brothers were George and Donny Smith, sadly they passed away a few years ago. I used to hang about with Joe Docherty and Alex McMeachan, Ali Jack, the Small family-Eric, Andy, Junior, Andy Madden, Pete (Neatsy) Smith, Gordon Orr, Stuart Craig, Bobby Steele, etc, etc.
I had a girlfriend called Cathy Tinney. She lived on Baltic Street with her sister Anne. I think she had another sister called Audrey. Their parents were Steve and Jean Tinney. They last lived near Sunnybank Street during the 1970's. I also remember Elizabeth Davidson as she was Donny's girlfriend.  Thanks, IanS
Later in July 2004 he wrote .... My memories of Bridgeton/Dalmarnock are very mixed.
I had some good times and some bad times just the same as anyone else. I think the good times outweighed the bad times as I only have one sad memory of that time and that was when my dad died in 1965.
My best memory was when my brother Jim enrolled in the Royal Highland Fusiliers and as he was the first recruit he was treated like a film-star and was in all the papers and even on Pathe News at the pictures!

Bad times are harder to remember but I think that is caused by selective memory process. Poverty? Yes, I remember that as my parents had to bring up 6 boys and yes we struggled.
Deprivation? Yes, but then again, who wasn't deprived of the basic things in life then? Only the lucky few I suppose.  Playing out was a fantastic adventure though ;D
Climbing the dikes, dreeping down them. Knock-door-run-away,White Horse,kick-the-can,the game's a bogey the man's in the lobby!   Fitba' in the streets with a real leather ball, with a bladder inside it.  New chippy opening on Springfield Road and the first lot of chips tasting of paint:P Getting chased by Big Tam the polisman for getting a 'niggy' on a Bowie's Laundry van. Boy could he run.

then in Sept.2004 .... Anybody remember Big Tam who used to direct the traffic at the junction of Dalmarnock Road/Springfield Road? When I was about 11 I found a small metal container at the back of the coal yard at Dalmarnock Railway Station and me and my mate Joe Docherty were throwing it to each other. Big Tam spotted us and told us to place it on the ground.  Within 5 minutes the place was full of police cars and then army trucks arrived.  We had found an incendiary bomb from WW II and it was still active!  I got praised but also told off for picking it up!.


GlescaPals I received this sad news this morning 28 Sept 2010 from IanS's son :-
Hi, My name is Iain Smith. My dad, Ian Smith has just passed away on the 27th of this month at the Royal Oldham Hospital.  He left written instructions asking that I log into his GlescaPals account and inform the good people of this site of his death, He specifically requested that I include the following: They have been extremely helpful in the past and I would like someone to tell them how grateful I was for all their help and support in trying times.
My dad went under the username of 'ianofoldham' display nameIanSI would be most grateful if you would announce his passing and pass on his gratitude to your fellow members. If at all possible, I would like to keep his account open for a short while. Thank You, Iain Smith jr

Webmaister :-  Iain thank you very much for letting us know - very very sorry to hear about your sad loss. Your Dad joined the GlescaPals messageboard in Jan.2004 and whilst not a prolific poster he was a regular and his last posts were this month. 59yrs old is very young to die our sincere condolences to all the family. How very thoughtful of IanS to think about GlescaPals in his last wishes. He posted a lot in the early years to Chrissie and Jamesyboy.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 ...Thank you all so much for your kind words of comfort. I am amazed at just how far and wide they originate. I have printed the pages and will make sure they are with my dad when he is cremated on Tuesday. I am sure he would have been very happy to see such comments and I am eternally grateful to you all.  Kindest regards. Iain Smith jr.






  GlescaPal FrankD born 30 Jul 1934 died 01 Nov.2010


 Frank Dawson  joined GlescaPals in April 2006 here is his introductory message : -
was born in Glasgow in 30 July 1934.
I attended Haghill Primary School and then did 6months at the toffs school of Whitehill but asked for a transfer to Onslow Drive School which was later named Whitehill Junior Secondary.
I lived at Crinan Street, Dennistoun until I married my first wife in 1954 but later divorced and remarried in 1963 to the lady who has been my wife for the past 43 years. I was granted custody of the 2 children of the first marriage. 

We have a family of 5 daughters and 2 sons and have 22 grandchildren and one great grandchild expected any day now. I am a retired Factory Manager and have lived in Essex for nearly 30 years except for a 6 years stay in Largs. 
I would love to hear from any of my old friends or ex workmates. This is a wonderful site.
All the best to everyone.

After a long fight with illness oor GlescaPal FrankD passed away today. He latterly knew that his illness was terminal but it never dampened his spirits and he was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. He fondly posted of the times he was sharing with his dear wife Mary and their family
He wrote on 7th Oct 2010...."
Well Pals hopefully this cancer does not kill me before the 50 years anniversary of my getting together with my wonderful sweetheart Mary.
Who would have thought when I met her as a workmate at the British Oxygen Company at Polmadie all those years ago we we end up as lovers and best friends 50 years later.
Mary is my carer and she baths and dresses me and each night she kisses me just before we go to sleep.
What a gem of a person she is and I struck it lucky all those yers ago when our paths crossed.
Would you all agree Pals?

16 Nov 2010

 GlescaPals Ronnie, Jessie and admin Nell travelled from London to attend FrankD's funeral.
Nell said "Foggy in London when my daughter Pauline and I left, but not so when we arrived at Weeley for Frank's funeral, crisp and cold but blazing sunshine.
The service was beautiful, a humanist service as FrankD did not believe in God and had no religion. The funeral was attended by Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. I presented Mary with a card signed on behalf of all of the GlescaPals. I am attaching his order of service here. I was quite moved by the whole thing and was glad Ronnie and Jessie were there too. The GlescaPals were mentioned as we were all a big part of Frank's life and Mary told me he loved his GlescaPals. RIP Frank."

 Our condolences to FrankDs family     See his GlescaPals webpage




  Honorary life member GlescaPal jeanc

born 17 July 1934
died 11 Feb 2011

 jeanc  joined GlescaPals in 29 Jan 2005
 here is her introductory message :
ma names jean franklin (nee curtin) thote ad already
 done this?  mibee a wis scrubbed?  born in bed at
 54 coocaddens street,  hid 4 sisters, ellen,sadie, lottie, wilma. 
  merried an english sailor, hiv 4 weans & 9 gandweans.
 last joab wis workin in newsagents  aw ower britain,
 noo retired. jeanc.
                                54 Cowcaddens Street

GlescaPals received the sad news from jeanc's daughter :-
I sat for a while trying to decide how to tell you but there isn't an easy way. My Mum, Jeanc, passed away tonight at 9.15pm. She had been taken in to hospital when her breathing became more difficult. My Dad and her sister, Lottie, were with her. They said she took her oxygen mask off, her breathing became calm and she fell asleep.
Thank you all so much for being her be friends and giving her a laugh and something to keep her going during her long illness.

Webmaister :-  GlescaPals has lost one of our stalwarts indeed jeanc was held in such high regard that she was given the very first honorary life membership of GlescaPals on 6th Dec 2010.
  She said 
"am overwhelmed so a mur. an honoury member ;D a canny believe it. Thanks webmaister it
                 means so much. a don;t get oot much, this board keeps me gawn. xxxxxxxx."
She was a real character and much loved by everyone of the GlescaPals who met her and Jim at the GlescaPals swally's or who simply knew her from her posts. A very caring, kind hearted and funny lady who will be sadly missed.
     A selection of messages from all oe'r the wurld :D jeanc wis a very special member o' GlescaPals

......please accept my deepest sympathy. She was a fine, humourous, lovely woman and will be missed immensely on GlescaPals. RIP JeanC.  Fae yir big china Nellxxxx

To jeanc - Oor wee GlescaPal.

                 The board is very sad the day
                 The posts are tinged wi pain
                 Oor wee pal Jean his passed away
                 Things wull never be the same

                                              She touched the heart o aw of us
                                              Wi her charm and wit and style
                                              Tae help a pal, wi little fuss
                                              she’d walk that extra mile.

                                                                       We urr gonna miss you, oor wee pal
                                                                       But mibbe efter a while
                                                                       We’ll dry our tears, and read your posts
                                                                       And think of you and smile.


 I first met Jeanc at one of our swallys nights in Morissons Bar, Glasgow
When I asked he what she was drinking, I never expected her to say a pint of John Smiths
After that I always remembered what she drank and ribbed her about it, she gave as good as she got.  Jeanc was always good for a laugh, I remember her standing on the seats in Morissons lounge to show off her stocking line! Jeanc will never be forgotten on GlescaPals, she has left her mark on all of us, they broke the mould when they made her.  Rest in Peace, jeanc, plenty of John Smiths in Heaven
 Oh No....I am shocked and saddened to hear that your mum has passed away Glasgowgal, I just cant believe it. I dont know what to say. Please accept my condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Rest in Peace Jeanc, you were a great pal and will be sadly missed. x
 I'm very saddened to hear of the passing of jeanc. I for one certainly enjoyed her patter, and was pleased when the Webmaister made her an 'Honorary Life Member' in respect of her long membership and high number of posts to Glesca Pals, an accolade for which she was no doubt very proud.
And wasn't it only recently she was posting those wonderful pictures of wee Craig, (the cheeky wee monkey) peeking through the cat flap? The poor wee soul will be wondering where his Grannie has gone eh!  Jeanc will certainly be missed by all Glesca Pals as much as she'll be missed by her direct family, that's for sure.....A lovely lady.
New York
 Oh my dear, I am shocked and saddened by this news.I really don't know how to express my sorrow. Jeanc was a great pal, and I felt as if I had known her all my life.
My condolences to all of her family, and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Rest in peace our dear Jeanc.
 Such a shock I feel so sad in my heart you were such a lovely woman,I have gotten joy from all your photos of how proud you were of Craig and the love you had for your family,you will be missed so much. My Condolences to you all the family ..R.I.P. Jeanc ..God Bless
 I am shocked to read this, jeanc was much loved by all, she was a real character, we had many laughs together, we are all going to miss her very much. My heart goes out to all the family at this sad time.  R.I.P. My wee pal Jeanc XXX
 She wiz a stalwart o GlescaPals, and will be sorely missed by all who have come to know her through these pages.  R.I.P. Jeanc
...just read this sad sad news of jeanc and am shocked, she was a such a lovely person and was loved by everybody on GlescaPals that met her and by those who never had that honour, I feel blessed that I did, please tell all the family that they are in our thoughts and prayers.
 Hard tae believe oor Jeanc his left us. She shared so many happy memories wi us. We miss her already.
 deepest condolences to all the family family on the passing of your mum, I had the pleasure of meeting jeanc at one of the 'swallies', a lovely woman, she will certainly be missed.
 Ah'm really sad tae hear the bad news. Jeanc and me had many a laugh, wi me kiddin her on aboot bein an auld witch - very far frae bein the truth, of course. She wis a cheery wee sowel, despite her illness, wi a wonderful sense of humour. God rest her.
 I loved Jeanc - she was witty, never afraid to poke fun at herself as well as others, and I had the privilege of meeting her at the swallies. She was a smashing knitter too - mind the wee teddy, and the twin dolls? I sent one of the wee dolls off in a parcel for a children's charity - so it went to a Romanian orphan.    She will live on in all our memories of her.
My sincere condolences to Jim and the family.
.... sad message of JeanC`s passing. I send my heartfelt condolences to you all the family. JeanC was a wonderful lady with a great sense of humour. Loved by all GlescaPals. RIP JeanC.
.... so sorry to hear that we have lost a good pal, Jeanc will be sadly missed on GlescaPals ,she was such an amazing character and I just loved her sense of humour. My condolances to all the family ,you are all in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time. Rest in Peace Jeanc fae yer wee pal Daisy x
 I am shocked and so saddened reading of the passing of Jeanc. Jeanc your posts were always vivacious with such a gifted sense of humor. A sad loss indeed for all of us on the GlescaPals Board. My heart felt condolences to Jean's husband and all her family. R.I.P. Jeanc.
 No words can express my sympathy for your family for the loss of a great woman and Mother. She made us laugh, she made us cry and now we have lost a great Pal. She may have struggled with life but always with her great sense of humour. Sadly I never had the opportunity to met her but I'm sure that was my loss as I would have loved to meet this great lady. I'm sure she has left so many of us with a huge hole in our hearts and she will always be remembered with love. God Bless you all and help you through this most trying time.
 I am so sorry to hear this news. I never met Jeanc but like many of the pals we feel as if we have known each other for years. My sincere condolences to all the family. RIP Jeanc, gone but never forgotten :'(
 I was so sad to read about Jeanc. I never met her, but her personality certainly came through in her many posts and she seemed like a lovely, caring and very funny lady.
My deepest condolences to Jim and all of her family. I know you will all miss her.
 It was awfie news aboot 'JeanC' an' as is evidenced fae the number of posts tae the lassie, she wiss very much loved oan oor Boards.  Thanks for being oor friend jean hen an' yurr 'contributions' wull always be therr furr folk tae remember ye by, R.I.P. lass! 
 I am really saddened by Jeanc loss she was one special woman with all her humour and jokes she made so many people laugh even through her own pain bless her.
I know Jim will be so lost without her and I for one will miss her dearly she always took the time out for me and so many others its such a loss to so many of us. Jeanc where ever you are my friend be happy and pain free. God bless you R.I.P.
So sorry to hear of Jeanc's passing she was such a nice lady. Met her just the once at the only swally at Morrison, I attended. we talked about Oxygen and she was so surprised that I could fly and her Doctor wouldn't let her. I hope she did make it to Spain once again............R.I.P Jeanc
 I was so shocked when I came on this morning & read about JeanC passing, I was only reading the post the other day about her eye op being postponed. I just cant believe it, she was a cracker from the very first time she came on the pals. Full of humour even through all the trials she went through, a light in the world has gone out today, but she will be up there gabbing away with all the other pals, and heaven will be a brighter place with JeanC there. God bless you my pal, JeanC this will be a sadder place without you.
My condolences to Jim & all the family. RIP safe in the arms of Jesus.





FUNERAL Mon.21st Feb.2011
We Made it to represent GlescaPals at JeanC's funeral. Left Cambridge at 06:30 and arrived at the Crematorium in Middlesborough at 09:50 with 10 minutes to spare a three and a half hour drive. As we entered the chapel "Flower of Scotland" was playing, then there was a beautiful service by the Minister. Many anecdotes of Jean's life, with both tears and laughter. There were two poems chosen by the family, one of which was called "The Broken Link". Jim had written some beautiful words to Jean and they were read out, and Lizzy and I shed a wee tear for our wee GlescaPal Jean. There was a prayer for Jean, and "Amazing Grace" was played. The Minister mentioned GlescaPals and told a few little stories of her posts on the Pals, he also thanked GlescaPals for their friendship to Jean and told how she loved her GlescaPals and the Swallies she had attended. As we left "Flower of Scotland" was played again. It was a wonderful send off for Jean and hit exactly the right tone.

We were invited back to Jean & Jim's house for a refreshment and as we had been driving for a few hours we gratefully accepted. We had a cup of tea and some food and met all of Jean's lovely family, were there were more anecdotes and stories of Jean's life. The family were full of praise for GlescaPal and let us see the beautiful card sent by Webmaister on our behalf, and also a lovely note and card from oor Josie. After about an hour we left for our long journey home again, and Jim has said he is going to register with the pals and he will be up on 30th September for our Hoose Party, I told him he would be more than welcome. 

Now back at Lizzy's and will travel back to London tomorrow. 

Our condolences to jeanc's  family     See her GlescaPals webpage




the dash

I read of a man who stood to speak
at the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on his tombstone
from the the end.

He noted that first came the date of his birth
and spoke of the following date with tears,
but he said what mattered most of all
was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time
that he spent alive on earth...
and now only those who loved him
know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own;
the cars....the house...the cash.
What matters is how we live an
d love
and how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard...
are there things you'd like to change?
For you never know how much time is left.
(You could be at "dash midrange.")

If we could just slow down enough
to consider what's true and real,
and always try to understand
the way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger,
and show appreciation more
and love the people in our lives
like we've never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect,
and more often wear a smile...
remembering that this special dash
might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy's being read
with your life's actions to rehash...
would you be proud of the things they
say about how you spend your dash?

Author Linda Ellis


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