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Born 15th May 1954  
a young Charles approx 18 months old

Married in Glasgow Cathedral to Maureen Brown
by Rev.Dr Wm.Morris 14th Feb 1976


Charlie McDonald is a founder member of 
The Thistle & the Poppy society  which takes 
war veterans, family & friends to visit the graves of their fallen comrades and family members. 

Extract from GlescaPals messageboard 2004
....... am off on my travels to France and Flanders in three weeks for my annual Pilgrimage to the Somme. Our wee group will be flying to Charleoi in Belguim and heading over to Ostende where we will be based for three days. On the 1st of July we will move down to the Somme Region for the 88th Anniversary Commemorations of the Battle of the Somme. On the 2nd we will head back to Charleroi via Valenciennes. If any of you have any relatives buried or remembered there I will endeavour to place a poppy cross at their final resting place and take a photograph of their grave or memorial if it is within easy reach of our planned tour.
Lest We Forget.
Charlie McDonald - The Thistle & the Poppy Society

See his Glesga Keelies website


Old Parkhead - order your copy

Charlie McDonald felt that despite the part Parkhead has played in   
Glasgow's development, its story had been given little mention in 
most histories of the city. He wanted to address that anomaly and 
did so by getting this book published.....Old PARKHEAD.  
Full of wonderful photographs and history.

Get your signed copy of Charlie's book.......e-mail  remember to mention GlescaPals! 

Extract from GP message board, Feb.2003, Bill Scott 
"I bought 'Old Parkhead' and enjoyed it very much, I would also like to thank Charlie for giving a few mentions in his book to a man named David Willox who wrote "Reminiscences of Parkhead, its People and Pastimes". David Willox was born in Parkhead in 1845 and died in 1927, anyone who reads it will find it enjoyable." 



London Rd School class of 1960

 Class photo taken from this book. 1960 Primary School  

London Rd class photograph 1966  Class photograph 1966 Primary School   when he was aged 11-12 years old
Bridgeton Waverley Amateurs FC  Football team Bridgeton Waverley Amateurs  photograph taken in 1978 
Cllass photo London Rd School 1981  Charlie's daughter, Lorraine class photograph London Rd Primary 1981


 Wull, thanks for my family webpage
Yours Truly, Charlie McDonald.


  Charlie with singer songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan, Bloomsbury Theatre 2004



Extract from GP messageboard, 25 Feb.2006, GP Charlie McDonald
It has been a funny old start to the day. My oldest lassie, Lorraine , phoned this morning to tell us that she had arrived in Rio De Janeiro for the Mardi Gras. She has taken a four month sabbatical from her work in Sydney to do a tour of South America which includes visits to Brazil , Argentina , Chile , Colombia and Peru. She only phoned me to put my mind at rest as when she went to live in Australia a few years back she told me she'd be visiting Singapore , Hong Kong , Thailand and New Zealand before arriving in Australia. However she forgot to mention the back packing trips to Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia on the way. And when I found out I hardly slept for worry for the best part of four months. She realises now that I do worry for my weans whether they be in the other side of the world or up the toon for a night out! Anyway she has promised to phone me each day and let me know how she is getting on.

Soon after I received a call from our Lynsey's boyfriend David asking to meet him round at the shops in Cumbernauld Road but not to tell Lynsey that he was in Riddrie. I went to meet him and we ended up in The Anvil pub in Smithycroft Road. He then asked if I would give him permission to ask my daughter to marry him - who said chivalry was deid. Well you could've knocked me down with a feather and I obviously said yes once I got over the initial shock. So the bold David tells me he is going to present her with an engagement ring , chocolates and champagne , the works today when they are down at Loch Lomond - is that no' romantic or whit?

I went back round to the house and took a wee treble brandy and Bailey's just to calm me down. The door went and there was a guy with a massive big bouquet of flowers which I naturally thought were from the David fella. No they weren't apparently they were from a wumman whose motor Lynsey had clipped when she was coming out of St.Enoch's car park recently. Noboby saw her but she put a note on the wumman's motor and told her to send her the bill when she got it repaired. Lynsey duly sent the wumman 150 for the damage and this was the wumman sending her the flowers and a wee letter thanking her for her honesty.

You see despite ma rabbling and growling and the impression I give other posters on here I must've done something right in bringing up my two lassies who I am extremely proud of and I love them both to bits - ach well I wonder what else the day has in store for me? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes...




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