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 photographs from GlescaPals

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lest we forget

 a GlescaPals tribute to 'oor forces'

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      Highland Light Infantry    


The 73rd Highlanders were raised by John MacKenzie, Lord Macleod, as the first clan Regiment in 1777 in response to the outbreak of the American War of Independence. In 1786 the Regiment was renumbered as the 71st Highlanders and wore the MacKenzie tartan kilt. In 1787 war in India necessitated the raising of more Regiments for foreign service and the 74th Highlanders were formed in that year in the City of Glasgow.
At the Cardwell reforms of 1881 the 71st and the 74th were linked as the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Highland Light Infantry (as the 71st had been known since 1809). 
In 1923 the Regiment officially became known as the ‘City of Glasgow Regiment’.

1/5th (City of Glasgow) Battalion
August 1914 : at Garnethill, Glasgow. Part of HLI Brigade in Lowland Division. 
                         Moved on mobilisation to Dunfermline.
11 May 1915 : formation became 157th Brigade in 52nd (Lowland) Division.
26 May 1915 : sailed from Devonport for Gallipoli, going via Egypt (5-28 June) and Mudros (1 July),
                          landing at Cape Helles on 3 July
8 January 1916 : evacuated from Gallipoli to Mudros and arrived Egypt in February.
11 April 1918 : Division left Egypt, battalion arrived Marseilles 17 April for service on Western Front.

1/6th (City of Glasgow) Battalion
August 1914 : at Yorkshill Street, Glasgow. Record same as 1/5th Bn. above

1/7th (Blythswood) Battalion
August 1914 : at Bridgeton, Glasgow. Record same as 1/5th Bn. above

On the 11th of May 1915 the formation was renamed 157th Brigade, 52nd (Lowland) Division.

Main Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, c1914.

The 1/7th (Blythswood) Battalion Highland Light Infantry
                                                   recruiting at their headquarters in Bridgeton at 92 Main Street .

This drill-hall was built at 92 Main Street in1902 costing £12,000.
Fabulous photo capturing the excitement of the occasion, sweethearts and wives, smiling, excited.
See the woman holding the baby in the tartan shawl - something the Glasgow woman did right into the 1960's. 
Sadly as we now know many of our brave boys never returned from
GALLIPOLI - EGYPT - FRANCE - BELGIUM - MESOPOTAMIA leaving many wives and sweethearts broken hearted.
Some of my GlescaPals friends and relatives will be in this photo....
Bridgeton, Main Street, circa August 1914.
The 1/7th (Blythswood) Battalion Highland Light Infantry leaving their headquarters.
The Battalion served with the 52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division at Gallipoli and in Egypt, Palestine, France and Belgium during the First World War.
In 1920 a Celtic cross was erected on Glasgow Green in memory of the members of the battalion who fell in the First World War.

Feb.2017, Isobel Carroll, age 93, Weeki Wachee, Florida, USA
My Dad was in Blythswood HLI. Learned on trip now the Fusiliers, but it won't be lost.
Had Canadian friend in HLI there. Love the pics on your site.
In Utah, Latter Day Saints site. Book on HLI. In vault. Good reading.  Keep yours going for our kids. Mine very proud of Grandad Charles Sproul Livingston, c. 1881-1956.  Left for USA 1913. Have his swagger stick, cap badge.  Lots of amazing memories.
Isobel Livingston Carroll

HLI 1919 Charing
                        Cross Glasgow
The Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow) Regiment
on the homecoming parade in 1919 entering into Sauchiehall Street at Charing Cross.

Included in its numbers are members of the 7th (Blythswood) Battalion
whose Headquarters were at 69 Main Street, Bridgeton from where so many brave men
set-off to take up arms in the Great War which began exactly 100 years ago.

Over 400 men of the 7th battalion were killed in Gallipoli, France and Flanders during the Great War 1914-18.
They and their fallen comrades from other wars will never be forgotten.

Feb 2003


To the Glorious Memory
of the 
Officers, NCO's and men
of the 
7th (Blythswood) Battalion
who fell in the 
Great War 1914 - 1918

( Located in Dassie Park, Glasgow Green )

Remembrance Nov.2006


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 photographs fae GlescaPals

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