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   photographs from GlescaPals

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lest we forget

a GlescaPals tribute to 'oor forces'



 Email 17th April 2020 from Willie Green. taken during WW1 of my
 who was with the Machine Gun Corp.

 He is standing at the back of the group
 which I suspect are the machine gun crew.

 The photo was taken somewhere in Italy.
 James lived in Landressy Street, Bridgeton
 and died in 1949.


extract from Email. 11 Mar 2023, Kate Hopkins,
Wellington, New Zealand

Dear Webmaister

I was delighted to receive your email with the news that my Dadís old BB Bible will hit the digital age through your web page.  I have moved houses in recent years and, whilst I know it is here somewhere, I just cannot lay my hands on said Bible. 

This photo will be very close to the time my Dad, Hugh Young, was in the Boys Brigade as he lied about his age when the 1st World War broke out and enlisted with the Lovat Scouts. 

He was sent to Ypres, Belgium and was there for the whole campaign.  The photo was taken just before he left (doesnít he look apprehensive).


              Hugh Young was born on 22 September 1898 and was
               brought up in the Gorbals.  He died in 1976, aged 78.

Hugh Young Army

GlescaPal Anniemay, Canada ......
.....this is ma grandpa Dallas
(ma mammy's daddy) frae Rutherglen Road He was in the ARP during the war. He was born 1882 so would have been around 60, give or take, when this picture was taken.



Peter Scott,Canada.
( GlescaPal PeterBC )

Brigton boy Peter is on the left.... proudly wearing his Canadian battledress which had a faint herringbone pattern, a finer material than the course British uniform his pal is wearing.

The picture was taken at the
Castello di San Giusto in Trieste,Italy in the Autumn of 1945.

Peter's mate was Cpl.Stowe.



GlescaPal Johnboy Canada ......
.....this is a picture of my uncle Jimmy Ferguson This was taken not too long before he was killed in WW1


GlescaPal Lucky, Glasgow ......
.....daen his stint in the army 18 year auld taken in Nicosia Cyprus 1955. Lucky (Billy Devine) wis in the Royal Artillery based in Troon then shipped out to Cyprus during the Suez crisis.


GlesgaPal Alice Maxwell, 
South Lanarkshire
...... Grandfather, Charles Goldie and his brother Thomas's names are on the Rutherglen Cenotaph. Both fell in the Great War. This is a photo of my grandparents Charlie and Alice Goldie,. I am called after my grandmother, Alice McHugh...who was left to bring up a large family on her own after he was killed.
He was born in Rutherglen but when they married they lived in Adelphi Street then Norman Street, Bridgeton.

Charles & Alice Goldie



Brigton Boys Pat & Hugh Skivington called up for National Service 1946-47
This photograph recently re-surfaced after being "lost" for many years.
Pat and his twin brother Shug in their uniforms taken  at the State Studio in Bridgeton Cross, before they left to join the RAF. 
They were 17 years old and at the time and lived in Stamford St. Barrowfield.



 photographs from GlescaPals

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